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Motorized Retractable Gates

Retractable gate Automation is used for minimum area to save gate running space. Retractable gate collapse all track together. All tracks have moving wheels and the first track carry the gear motor. Motor box follow magnetic sensor which make it easy to cover open and closing area.  
  1. Comes With Mesh Screen For Extra Privacy
  2. Selection Of Half Covered Or Fully Covered Mesh
  3. Trackless Operation - Avoid Heavy Vehicles Damaging The Rails
  4. Made Of High-Grade Aluminium Alloy 6063-T5
  5. Multi-language LED Display Screen
  6. Maintenance Freindly
  7. Installation Friendly
  8. Wireless Remote Control
  9. Intelligent Self-Align (ISA) Motor
  10. Smart  Outage Clutch
  11. Anti-Collision IR Sensors
  12. Anti-Climb Photo Cells
  13. Powder Coating
  14. Suitable For:
    • Embassy Entrance
    • Army Camp
    • Police Station
    • School, University, College
    • Stadiums, Arena Entrance
    • Goverment Entrance
    • Private Areas
    • Opening Not Exceed 25m

E - Catalogue

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