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Automatic Telescopic Sliding Gates

Telescopic Tracked Sliding gates are ideal for locations where backrun is limited. These gates can be made with up to four sections and far less back-run space is required compared to a single leaf gate.
Telescopic  sliding gates are perfect for sites where the back-run is restricted. Generally tracked telescopic gates require a smaller back-run than cantilever telescopic gates and are also available in more than 2 sections thus allowing the back-run to be further reduced. Telescopic tracked gates can be made with up to five sections, and can reduce the run back required by 75%, compared to a single leaf gate. Each telescopic gate panel will move at a different speed so that the final position is reached simultaneously, operated by specially design telescopic mechanism. The telescopic gates can be personalized and are manufactured to specific site requirements; they are suitable for medium to heavy duty applications. Cantilever telescopic gates are limited to two sections only. To achieve the maximum clear opening where the run back is very restricted, the telescopic gate is ideal.
• Telescopic gates are suitable for very large openings
• Perfect for sites where there is little or no back-run /Parking Space
• Modern design and robust construction.
• High opening and closing speed as compared to other sliding gates
• Telescopic gates provide long life with minimum maintenance.
• Electromechanical gear motors Range: 400 to 5000Kg for heavy gate application.
• Space saving
• Safety and security

Sliding gate Motor

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