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Road Blocker

This road blocker is an ideal product to protect high security establishments, iconic buildings and critical infrastructure.

  • 2m-8m road blocker widths (560mm increments)

  • 800mm road blocker height (fully raised)

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

  • Optional Emergency Fast Operation EFO (less than 1 second)




  • Mainly used to control vehicles at customs, military bases, important government departments, airports, jails, nuclear power stations, docks and logistics centers.

  • Solid and endurable structure, strong bearing capacity

  • Perform exact control and operate reliability and stably

  • Able to adapt to the advance working environment under working temperature: -20- 50°C

  • Low-pressure hydraulic driving mode is used

  • Less trouble rate, high reliability, long service life, less and easy maintenance

  • Can combine with other control equipment to realize auto control

  • Manual operating mode is provided

  • In case of electric failure or trouble, it can manually operate the movable barrier to return to the horizontal position

The road blocker can be customized to interface with a wide range of access control equipment to suit specific customer requirements. Available configurations include (but are not limited to) inductive loop systems, card readers, communication equipment and manned guard emergency systems.

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