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Automatic Rising Bollards

Electric-automatic bollard is normally used for public carport management and private yard access control. It can meet the demands of high frequency access control. Delos electric-automatic bollard adopts the low voltage direct current machine with electronic brake as the power unit. It is safe and reliable with low power consumption, fast lifting speed, low noise, stable running as well as other advantages. Control the lifting of electric-automatic bollard by connecting with third part access control system (smart card, RFID, remote control and program control). You can choose ground sensor, buzzer, infrared anti-collision and other kinds of auxiliary devices according to system demand. The rise/fall time is 3-5 seconds, satisfying the access control demands of high frequency entrance/exit.
No strong current, safe and reliable system
Electronical control, automatically rise/fall
High system independence
Unrestricted application
Economical and practical

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