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Hospital Hermatic Door

In the medical field, welcoming people is a question of comfort and effectiveness : How to help people with reduced mobility, make the passage of the beds and the wheelchairs easier and respect the hygiene and sterility rules in the clean rooms avoiding the manual handling of the doors? 
The automatic doors with intensive use and with wide opening make the passage of the beds easier. The detection devices are adapted to the use for the detection of the trolleys or of the people with reduced mobility.
  • For operation rooms : the hermetic doors, wich are designed for the maintain of hygiene and sterile environment, are real sanitary barriers.
  • In the radiography rooms : a protection against X-Ray is necessary. The X-Ray door brings this protection and allows different types of leaves.
  • In the other rooms with controlled environment where a high hermetic level is not needed, the Controlled Leakage Flow door limits the air flow. It maintains hygiene requested in the recovery rooms, laboratory rooms...
  • Hermetic and Non-Hermetic Doors
  • Sliding and Hinge doors
  • Automatic Doors
  • Standard and Customized Doors
  • Special and Specific Application Doors
  • Wide range of doors for medical industry

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